Welcome to Utahdatenight.com! 

Having spent 9 years in the Salt Lake area as a singleton, I went on a lot of dates and had a lot of hang outs with different kinds of friends.  14171_10151225013925480_1320008075_nNow that I’m married and have a baby, my husband and I are faced with the same conundrum I imagine most couples face (late on a Friday or Saturday night when we are tired and lack any motivation to be creative). Sometime around 6:30pm, we wonder “What should we do tonight?,” Of course, the default, easy options win– pick up some some take out (Yum, Cafe Rio!) and binge on Netflix (Lost is better the second time around afterall…).  Or, if we are feeling REALLY ambitious, we grab dinner and a movie.

Now, these OBVIOUSLY aren’t bad options (can’t go wrong with cafe rio, netflix, and snuggling on the couch!) But there are SO many other things to do! And, I want to kick myself because I know about a ton of great activities and delicious restaurants and if we just planned ahead a little, we could have some really great dates (like we did before we got married and had a baby!)

Basically, this is my long-winded introduction and confession. This site is built with completely selfish intents— I want to have epic date nights.  By sharing what I know is going on and helping YOU, I’m also helping myself!!

So… keep on checking back…. fun, adventurous, romantic dates are in your (and my?) future!

xoxo, Kelsey



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